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Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully I will be able to share bits of my life with you!

Life is Horrible and Sweet All at Once

I guess that is where the term bittersweet comes from.... this blog is something that I am going to challenge myself to create. There must be an outlet for emotion and place to tell your life story. We all get just the one life, so let's make it the best one that we can.

This is my Sami girl...

she has been the most wonderfully faithful dog. She came to me about 7 years ago as a sorta rescue dog. She had been beaten and treated horribly. But in time all of that was put behind her and she became a deeply rooted part of our family. These pictures were taken two weekends ago. We drove up to Island Camp so that she could have one last adventure in the woods she loved so much.

We found out that Sami had cancer about two months ago. As soon as this revelation was made she was taken in for surgery. The vet removed the cancerous cells and told us she had a 50/50 chance of getting it again. The odd's played against us. Today was my beautiful loyal dog's last day with us. I will miss her so.

We buried her by the field that the kids play in when they are here, as the rain fell. Steve and I discussed the location the evening before, choosing it in rememberance of all the fun that she had there chasing balls and playing... always so happy just to be with us. Just as we were so happy to be with her. Rest in peace my friend. I will remember you.

Let the Stories Begin...

I need a place to bubble over with details about my life and adventures... my cardmaking blog is wonderful... for cardmaking.... hopefully this blog will be wonderful and filled with the many little details and escapades from my life.